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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14: Premiere Trailer Reveals What Happened to Hetty Lange

A video that previews part of the premiere reveals what might have happened to Hetty Lange.

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NCIS: Los Angeles will return to CBS when Season 14 premieres with a first episode that besides being funny might bring bad news for crew members

NCIS: Los Angeles in 2009 and coming to fan screens next Sunday, October 9 with the season 14 debut. A delivery that will come after leaving the characters in a happy place during Conclusion aired last May. (Season 14 Premiere Spoiler)

With a video CBS advances the premiere of season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles and reveals what could have happened to Hetty Lange during her secret special mission

Throughout its 13 seasons, NCIS: Los Angeles fans have witnessed how members of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service team put their lives on the line while fighting terr*orism and cri*me in general. Chases, shoo*tings and explo*sions have been on screen for a long time, and thankfully the fan favorites walked away unharmed.

However, that doesn’t mean that at any time NCIS: Los Angeles special agents may not come face to face with dea*th. Fans seen Sam Hanna G Callen, Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye are in the midst of high-risk situations during procedures that could have lost their lives. And in Season 14, this will be no exception.

CBS has been airing season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles for several weeks now. Recently, the network released some previews of the premiere through videos that show what fans of their favorite characters can expect when the crime drama returns in a few days.

A funny moment is shown during the season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles, which involves Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye in their new role as Rosa’s foster parents. But, in a reveal something more serious. CBS hints bad news could be coming for the team and this has to do with Hetty Lange.

NCIS Season 14 Premiere: Los Angeles To Reveal If Body Found Really Belongs To Hetty Lange

The new installment of the crime drama will reveal what is the fate of Hetty Lange, who has been plunged into off-screen action for some time now. Remember that on NCIS: Los Angeles, Linda Hunt‘s clever and witty character is in Syria carrying out a dang*erous, secret special mission—but it appears to have fallen into the hands of terro*rists.

Season 14 will feature the squad and especially Agent G. Callen getting ready to go to Hetty’s rescue. In the video ahead of part of the premiere of the new installment, Admiral Hollace Kilbride and Special Agent G. Callen are having an important conversation about a body recovered in Syria. The bad thing is that he was identified as Trudy Chambers, one of Hetty’s many alias. Will this be the end for the NCIS Chief of Operations: Los Angeles? Does the body found really belong to Hetty?

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