NCIS Los Angeles: The disagreements actress Daniela Ruah had with season 12

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The popular series NCIS Los Angeles has finished airing its 12th season on the CBS television network, surprising fans with its incredible finale. But why did the cast Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah initially disagree with the season’s start?

NCIS Los Angeles: Actress Daniela Ruah's disagreement with season 12
NCIS Los Angeles: Actress Daniela Ruah’s disagreement with season 12

During a late 2020 interview, Eric Christian Olsen admitted that he wasn’t even sure if season 12 would be set “after the pandemic,” to which actress Ruah intervened.

“As far as I know, the pandemic was not mentioned in the program,” he said.

“Eric and I had a really sweet scene at a certain point when they were trying to buy a house but couldn’t afford it.”

The COVID-19 pandemic caused several television shows to be delayed, resulting in shorter episodes or cancellation. Those who remained, on the other hand, used the true story in awareness-raising broadcasts.

“At some point we’re disappointed about something and I say, ‘I can’t wait for this year to end’.

“And he agrees, so there’s definitely a weight of 2020, but without specifically mentioning the pandemic or politics.”

Another question keeping fans on tenterhooks is whether Deeks and Kensi will have a baby for the upcoming NCIS Los Angeles Season 13, keeping everyone in doubt about an alleged adoption.

NCIS Los Angeles: Daniela Ruah wanted pandemic applied to program
NCIS Los Angeles: Daniela Ruah wanted pandemic applied to program

Although season 12 didn’t apply the story that all viewers expected, the incredible stories they used were enough to capture all fans’ attention.

To date, CBS has renewed NCIS Los Angeles for season 13, so production is expected to begin and a release date will be announced.



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