NCIS: Now that Gibbs is gone, these are the characters that could take his place


In late May, CBS released the season 18 finale of the NCIS Naval Crime Investigation Drama, with a twist that none of the fans of the series really expected.

With Leroy Gibbs gone, the fans opened a debate on who could take his place as team leader at NCIS, Jessica Knight or McGee.

The eighth installment of the full-length drama ended its story, leaving fans intrigued by what happened during the last few minutes. After his boat exploded, apparently Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) appeared dead floating in the water, but then reacted and swam away. According to fan theories, in season 19 the agent will fake his death.

And taking the NCIS fans suggestion, with Leroy Gibbs out of the direct combat field and probably battling from underground, this is an indicator that viewers are losing hope of him coming back as a team leader again.

Although Harmon has been confirmed to be back for season 19, it is still unclear when and how often he will appear in the upcoming episodes that are due to hit fan screens in late autumn this year.

In this sense, ferocious spectators of the criminal drama have recently opened a debate on Reddit, questioning who will take his role and become the leader at NCIS headquarters.

Some NCIS fans believe that Jessica Knight might replace Leroy Gibbs because she has team management experience, which McGee lacks.

However, some of the fans believe that whoever might be in charge, is the latest addition to the cast, NCIS REACT agent (Regional Application Action Capability Training) Jessica Knight, the character of Katrina Law, who joined the drama after his classmates died in an explosion.

The difference between the two agents is, Knight already has experience leading a team, something McGee doesn’t have, so could she be filling in for Gibbs? In this sense, CBS crime drama fans began the debate. Here are their comments:

My opinion would be that Knight has seniority and already has experience leading a team,” said one fan.

Another agreed: “I’m not sure he [McGee] would really fit in as a team leader, nor do I think he wanted that position, having two children and a wife.”

Does anyone really think McGee’s character radiates leadership skills?

Knight will be regular in season 19, but will she replace Gibbs as team leader? No way!”

“I think McGee takes on that [leadership role]. I think Knight is coming on board as an interest for Torres”.

What do you think?