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NCIS season 19: CBS’ Kelly Kahl talks about Mark Harmon’s future on the Show

All NCIS fans are waiting for the premiere of NCIS season 19, which could determine the fate of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by actor Mark Harmon. This is due to rumors that the interpreter is determined to leave the show after so many years.

NCIS season 19 Leroy Gibbs will show up next season
NCIS Season 19: CBS’s Kelly Kahl Talks About Mark Harmon’s Future on the Series

During an interview on the CBS TCA panel, the website Deadline asked the president of television entertainment Kelly Kahl about the actor’s Mark Harmon involvement in NCIS season 19 and his future.

Although Kahl did not confirm how many episodes Harmon will be seen in during the next season of NCIS, he did hint that it will only be a few, but that he will remain on the show as long as he wants because he is a fundamental part of it.

“Mark has always been part of the program, Mark will always be part of the program,” he said.

“As far as his appears on the show, we’ll have to wait and see how he does in the future.”

As for the supposed end of NCIS after season 19, Kahl has indicated that it’s too early to discuss the cancellation of any of CBS’s veteran series, which means there will be more seasons and we may not see Special Special Agent Gibbs for a while.

Mark Harmon will return as Leroy Gibbs for NClS season 19 in a recurring role
NCIS: Mark Harmon Prepares to Continue in Season 19

The speculation about Harmon’s departure has actually been around for a few years, when he first announced he might be leaving the show, but what triggered the fans’ alarms was the recent signing of actor Gary Cole, who will play Special Agent Park.

Fans have been talking about various theories that Gary Cole’s character could be Gibbs’ replacement, and not one of the show’s well-known characters, due to the story that this new character might bring to NCIS Season 19.


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