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NCIS Season 19: Producer Reveals What’s Next for Gibbs and New Agent Alden Parker

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As NCIS season 19 approaches, many questions continue to surface among fans of the series. But the executive producer just released some spoilers about what to expect from Leroy Gibbs and new special agent Alden Park.”

The CBS television network will air Season 19 of the crime drama NCIS on Monday, September 20, as scheduled in its fall 2021 release schedule.

Leroy Gibbs to return with NCIS Season 19

NCIS season 19 has to answer many questions series fans have. First, what happens to Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) after his boat explosion at the end of last season. We know he survived, but where does the former team leader’s story lead?

Secondly, fans learned that a new member is joining the cast of NCIS season 19 as the main character. Gary Cole has been cast to play Special Agent Alden Park. But will this character be Gibbs’ replacement on the CBS drama?

Although fans will not get the full answer until season 19 premieres at the end of September, NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder revealed some details about what viewers can expect to learn about both characters in upcoming episodes.

Recall that Gibbs remained motionless in the water for a few seconds after the explosion at the end of the last episode of season 18. Fortunately, however, he started swimming somewhere, which left fans worried about his fate. NCIS exec producer Steven D. Binder says:

“It’s not clear what state he’s in,” But “when you blow up a man’s boat that he’s handcrafted in his basement for the past half decade, you’ve opened up a serious can of whoop-ass.”

FBI Special Agent Alden Parker Won’t Take Gibbs’ Place in NCIS Season 19

After this event, a few theories have surfaced. Fans know Gibbs has enemies everywhere. He has avenged the deaths of his wife and daughter, and last season he nearly beat a suspect to death. It understandable that Gibbs believes he’s being stalked by someone.

Even if he were to go back to his former life at NCIS, his deeper issues don’t just go away,” “And if he officially moves on, what happens to a guy like Gibbs without the job? We know his heart is pure, but Gibbs has been a troubled soul for a long time.”

Binder says.

Regarding the new member of the season 19 cast, Gary Cole, who will play FBI Special Agent Alden Parker , Binder asserts that he will not be taking Gibbs’ place, but will be the focus of everyone’s attention in the upcoming NCIS episodes.

“He’s going to cross lines that will make you both love and hate him.”



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