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NCIS Season 19: What happened to Ziva and Tony after leaving the Main Plot

ziva and tony on NCIS

As many will recall, the NCIS series bid farewell to the stories of two characters, Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo, at the start of Season 17 when they met off-screen, raising the question of what happened to them after that.

For years, NCIS fans have been following the ups and downs of Ziva David (Coté de Pablo) and her colleague Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly). This was until Ziva left for Israel at the end of Season 13, leaving viewers wondering what happened to Ziva and Tony on the show.

NCIS: Fans are curious about how the story of the characters continues after abandoning the original plot

There hasn’t been much explanation as to what Tony and Ziva have been up to after leaving NCIS. They wrote a letter to Chief Medical Examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) regarding their trip to Paris, but not much else is known.

Fans are asking what they’re doing because they weren’t mentioned in season 18 wither. Because the show did not provide many answers, viewers have taken it upon themselves to explain what they believe occurred.

One of the most frequent theories about Tony’s future is that he is now a private investigator. Diving deeper into Tony’s new life, a fan stated that he would be working for the French police in some capacity, and that his relationship with Ziva would be kept private.

NCIS: Ziva could be married to Tony under a false identity

According to fans, Tony had married a certain schoolteacher, who would be Ziva with a fake identity, and had just become a car modeling fanatic in a not-so-hidden attempt to imitate Gibbs (Mark Harmon) without having a basement large enough to house a fleet of cars.

Unfortunately, none of the classic duos featured in the final season of NCIS on CBS. But is it possible that the dominant couple will return in season 19?

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