NCIS Season 19: Will Agent Jessica Knight replace Ellie Bishop departure?


The popular NCIS CBS show, revealed sad news for fans with the final episode of season 18 upon the departure of Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham). However, during the last few episodes we met Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) supporting the team in an investigation, which suggest that she might be Bishop’s replacement. But will she be?

NCIS Season 19: Will Agent Jessica Knight Replace Ellie Bishop After Her Departure?
NCIS Season 19: Will Agent Jessica Knight Replace Ellie Bishop After Her Departure?

Agent Bishop’s absence will leave a huge void in the series, so a new character will have to fill that missing space in the cast, which fans have been pointing to newcomer Jessica Knight.

But, Special Agent Jessica Knight is one of NCIS’ newest additions, appearing only in the last two episodes of season 18, which just ended on May 25.

Although her entry into the show meant that Knight would join the NCIS team to replace Jack Sloane (Maria Bello) once it was confirmed that she would be leaving the show after the actress’s contract expired.

NCIS Season 19: Will Jessica Knight be there?

The strong rumors of Jessica Knight as Ellie Bishop’s replacement in NCIS season 19 tragic moments, and leading actor Mark Harmon‘s little involvement for this new release, the wisest thing would be to add actress Katrina Law as a regular.

Knight’s involvement at the end of season 18 was only a brief, but it may give fans an indication of the cast’s dynamics going forward. However, CBS has not confirmed her participation for NCIS season 19.



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