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NCIS Season 19: Will this be the last season for Donald Horatio ‘Ducky’ Mallard?

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David McCallum’s character on NCIS, Donald Horatio ‘Ducky’ Mallard, has been on the show since 2003, and fans have recently wondered if the character will quit the show during season 19.

NCIS has featured various characters throughout the years, with Donald Horario Mallard (David McCallum) being a fan favorite. He has been a part of the show since its premiere in 2003 and is an important member of the cast. But will the actor be leaving the CBS series?

NCIS: Ducky has been on the show since 2003 and fans are wondering if his departure is coming

Donald Horatio “Ducky” Mallard has starred in the iconic crime series for more than a decade and is still one of the show’s most beloved characters.

The character has yet to leave the show, though he took on a very small role after season 16. He retired from his post as NCIS‘ chief medical examiner and his former assistant, Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), took over.

He later took on the role of historian on the show and continues to appear in season 18. Actor David McCallum has appeared in over 400 episodes of the show, including NCIS: New Orleans.

NCIS respects the character, so it seems unlikely he wants to quit for now
NCIS respects the character, so it seems unlikely he wants to quit for now

The actor’s engagement in the CBS series remains vital, and the show respects the character’s legacy by giving him the new job of historian as seen on screen, therefore CBS should not consider abandoning the character for the time being.

He’s so respected that fans have expressed their admiration for him, and many have shared their excitement for NCIS season 19, which has just started filming.

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