NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Announces Major Career Change

The famous NCIS actress Pauley Perrette surprised her fans recently by revealing a shocking career change, something that takes her far from participating in the show that made her famous.

The role of Pauley Perrette in NCIS has been one of the most prominent of the show, though she left the drama in 2018, the star remained engaged in acting for some time. In 2020, Perrette was participating in the CBS comedy Broke, where she was playing Jackie, but the show was cancelled after its first season. Since then Perrette has been drifting into acting without a new role, but now she looks like she's made a surprising career change.

Pauley Perrette
NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Dabbles in Music

The Broke series was Pauley Perrette's only on-screen role after saying goodbye to her role as Abby Sciuto on NCIS a few years ago. Aside from occasional appearances on television at charity telethons and interviews for various political issues, the actress has enjoyed a quiet life away from the spotlight.

Now that her acting career is behind her, the star has turned to music and has announced that she has recorded a new song. In fact, Pauley Perrette took to her official Twitter account to share with her 700 thousand followers a link to the new song on YouTube. But, before her fans heard her, Ella Perrette explained her reasons for making this song and her career change.

"I wrote this song after my friend lost her little brother. This video was created to raise awareness of @TrevorProject so that #LGBT children or anyone who thinks they have no one to talk to and it doesn’t matter, know that there is someone out there and it matters so much," Perrette wrote.

In addition to revealing her new song, Pauley Perrette provided Project Trevor contact details for people affected by the issues she highlighted. Although this step in her career moves away from the world of acting that fans have become accustomed to over the years, many took the time to praise Perrette for her efforts and congratulate her on her sincere sentiment.

This isn't the first time the former NCIS star has done something like this. In addition to volunteering, she is often involved in humanitarian aid and fundraising for those in need. In fact, when she was participating in the CBS series, she used her character to raise awareness about all these issues that she usually helps with.

Ever since the departure of NCIS main star Mark Harmon, fans have been asking Pauley Perrette to return to the show once again, either as a special guest or recurring character. However, let's remember that Perrette left the drama after several arguments she had with Harmon behind the scenes, but since he was also executive producer, things did not end very well and led to the actress leaving the show.

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