NCIS: The real job agent Ziva David had at Mossad before NCIS

ziva david job Mossad Ncis

During one of NCIS' most important seasons, the true identity of one of the team members, Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), was revealed as a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces.

NCIS: The real job agent Ziva David had on the Mossad before NCIS
NCIS: The real job agent Ziva David had at Mossad before NCIS

Ziva David not only belonged to the Israel Defense Forces, but had also served as a member of Mossad, the country's renowned intelligence service.

The details of Ziva's past before joining the NCIS detective team, however, were vague, and the character itself was reluctant to share them.

Ziva's story is closely related to her past and is framed by her complicated relationship with the Mossad director , her father.


Ziva's time with Mossad loomed as a shadow when her half-brother Ari (Rudolf Martin), a fellow Mossad operative, became a double agent and assassinated Special Agent Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander).

During her stay at the Mossad, Ziva was invited to join Kidon, a shadow organization contained within the already secretive team. Kidon, roughly translated, may mean "bayonet" or "spearhead," supposedly has the task of assassinating Israel's enemies. Proving that Ziva David's life has been more complex than it was for any of the NCIS team.

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