‘NCIS’: Will Gibbs and DiNozzo Return? ‘Surprise Season Finale’ Announced

Gibbs, Tony and Ziva

Since 2003, ” NCIS ” has been running continuously on televisions around the world and it’s far from over. The 20th season was only recently officially confirmed. But over the years there have been a few farewells that the fans would certainly have preferred to do without. Whether David, DiNozzo or Gibbs: Many viewers still miss the dynamic of the three former stars. As is well known, one should not give up hope, because two actors in the current cast have made promising statements.

“NCIS” – sensational comeback in the season finale?

Sean Murray has been with us since 2003. He plays Timothy McGee and has just taken his own daughter in front of the NCIS cameras . In an interview with Parade.com he now spoke about Gibbs actor Mark Harmon . So the fans haven’t seen all of him yet: “I only saw him two weeks ago. He’s always in the area. It’s not like he packed his things and left town. I’m not saying that now just to create suspense, but I really think Gibbs will show up somewhere.” Harmon is also a producer of the series and therefore always on the set.

But Murray goes further and also talks about Michael Weatherly and his character Tony DiNozzo: “I talk to Michael all the time. We joke about the possibility that he might come back.” Weatherly’s own series ” Bull ” will find its series finale in the USA in May. So he would be free for an “NCIS” return.

Meanwhile, colleague Katrina Law announced a “big, surprising ending” for the current season. She told Digital Spy that she needed a stunt double for the episode. However, she cannot or does not want to reveal more: “That exceeds my salary group. I was not told anything.”

So the signs are pointing towards a pompous season finale, which will be broadcast in the USA on May 23rd. Will Gibbs and DiNozzo actually return in it?

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