No, this isn't a Rainbow and why there's no rainbow on Mars

Mars rainbow

NASA explains that isn't a rainbow, and why rainbows are not possible on Mars? The explanation is very simple.

Since Rover Mars Perseverance arrived on the red planet on February 18, 2021, it has sent many photographs from the surface of Mars. Not only has it made incredible captures of the territory, it has also captured its atmosphere.

In one of the pictures of the Martian atmosphere you can see an arc, similar to the rainbow we see in our atmosphere. Similarity has drawn so much attention that some are wondering if it is a rainbow of the Martian planet. It would be amazing to see this phenomenon on Mars!

But, NASa has explained that is not a rainbow. What is the arch seen in the Martian sky? The bow is a flash of Rover Mars Perseverance's camera lens.

Now, the question arises: are rainbows possible on Mars?

The short answer is no. The explanation is simple.

Why there are no rainbows on Mars

Rainbows are not possible on Mars. Why? Rainbows are created by light reflected off water droplets, but on Mars there is not enough water to condense and extreme cold prevents liquid water from being in the atmosphere.

Thanks to this photo today we discover something curious: rainbows do not exist on Mars, they're unique to a planet with enough water in the atmosphere as Earth reflects light and so we can see the colors that make up the rainbow.

By the way, did you know there's a rare natural phenomenon called 'fire rainbows'? Well, that's where I'll leave you that other fact.

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