One Scene During the 'Yellowstone' Season 4 Premiere Still Has Fans Confused

Yellowstone Fans Are Still Talking About the Season 4 Premiere

Yellowstone fans are in hog heaven with new episodes airing every Sunday night on Paramount Network. And even though we're already a few episodes in, fans are still talking about one part of the premiere that they can't quite figure out.

During the Yellowstone Season 4 premiere, right after the show's credits ran, the episode aired a flashback clip. In it, we see Tim McGraw, who is playing (James Dutton) in the spinoff show 1883, with what looked to be his two sons. Riding on horseback, he made acquaintances with a group of Indigenous Americans searching for a burial ground on his land.

Some viewers were a bit confused as to why this flashback scene was placed in the middle of the episode — after it aired, we were brought back to present time with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) in the hospital. Was it supposed to be a trailer for the show or does this scene mean something more? Fans are still trying to figure it out.

On November 19, Yellowstone posted the clip on YouTube and titled it "1893 Flashback." (We're not sure if that was a mistake and it's supposed to be 1883 Flashback, FYI!). After it was posted, a flood of comments came in. Many fans praised Tim's acting, while others were trying to piece together what it all meant.

"So are these the same bones unearthed stopping the development?," one person asked in regards to Market Equities wanting to turn Dutton Ranch into an airport. "Of course it was or they would never have shown it. Every time the show does a montage to the past it always comes back to the present and represents itself in one way or another," another fan responded. "I hope so. It might be what stops construction for good. Wouldn't that be a twist!" said another.

Luckily for us, it won’t be long before viewers will be able to figure everything out as Yellowstone season 4 is just getting started and 1883 premiers December 19.

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