Outlander: Why Claire Hasn’t Learned to speak Jamie Fraser’s Gaelic language


Since Outlander began, we’ve seen various characters speak in Gaelic behind Claire’s back, which caught the attention of fans when they noticed the character wasn’t interested in learning it after so many years. But why is that?

One of the biggest curiosities that all Outlander fans know is the Gaelic language that some characters speak most of the time in the first seasons of the show, which are not subtitled because Claire (Caitriona Balfe) doesn’t understand them. But why is that?

One of the biggest unknowns to many viewers of the series is why there are no subtitles when the “Scottish” actors speak Gaelic in the Outlander series.

Outlander: Why Claire Hasn’t Learned to Speak the Gaelic Language from Jamie Fraser

At the beginning of the series, criticism and questions about this were not long in coming, so much so that they bombarded the Starz network TV and the Netflix platform with complaints and questions about it.

However, it wasn’t until Outlander writer Ronald Moore clarified some of these facts and the reasons why the series took this position when the drama aired.

“We want the audience to feel what it’s like to be Claire, unable to understand what others are saying, remember she’s telling the story.”

The lack of subtitles occurs primarily in the first season of the series, which focuses on the arrival of Claire’s time travel to the 1700s, and was the primary language of the Scots.

However, even in later seasons, fans wonder why Jamie (Sam Heughan) didn’t teach him the language Scottish Gaelic in detail if it was his native tongue.



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