Riverdale Season 5: Why fans think Jughead is a toxic boyfriend


Riverdale season 5 had a four-month break, but it was well worth the wait, as the season continues to see what the gang does now that they're all back again.

A lot happened in Riverdale during the big time jump the series made, which will gradually be explained as the series progresses, but many wonder what Jughead said to Betty in the voicemail he sent her.

Riverdale: The series has revealed a new aspect of Jughead that still has no explanation

As many of you know, Jughead and Betty seem to have stayed in touch during this time until two years ago. The last time Betty heard from her ex-boyfriend before she returned to Riverdale was the night of her book launch.

Betty had apparently agreed to attend, but had failed to show up for some unknown reason. She had mentioned that she had received a voicemail that same night, but its contents were not disclosed.

That was until until episode 11 of season 5, when she called Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook) and Jughead's other ex-girlfriend Jessica (Phoebe Miu) to hear the message.

Riverdale: Jughead's message has left viewers much to think about

With her phone on speaker, Jughead could be heard saying: Betty, where the hell are you? You said you were coming to my release party, but you bailed? Of course you bailed.

He continued, " You have ignored me for years. Why would you expect anything different? You know, I see you, Betty. I see what I should've seen seven years ago. You pretend to be nice, but you're just looking for weak spots.

And he concluded by saying, "And when you find them, you press on them like a bruise. Like when you hooked up with Archie. You know you found the one person who would hurt Veronica and me, and you just went there. You are a cold, fake, cheating bitch, and when people read my book, everyone will see that.

So far, it's unknown what prompted Jughead to leave Betty this message. But he has given fans the idea that he could be considered a toxic boyfriend, and that Riverdale season 5 may be looking for another version of the character to introduce to viewers.

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