Royal Rumors Claim Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Supposedly Clashing After PR Disasters, Apparently Desperate For Cash

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remain controversial figures that can’t go a week without appearing on a tabloid’s cover. The two are dogged by foul stories of destitution and PR mishaps.

Let’s look into some recent rumors about the renegade royals.

Prince Harry Wants To Go Home

According to Life & Style, Harry was ready to move back home, but Markle was having none of it. The two were just coming off a trip to New York City where Harry apparently pined for an escape. “Meghan seemed to be lapping up the attention as he gave a speech at the United Nations and they dined at trendy eateries like Locanda Verde,” an insider said. “This isn’t what [Harry] signed up for — it’s as if he’s living a lie.”

If Harry signed up for anything when he was born into the royal family it was to smile and wave at events, so this was absolutely nothing new. He and Markle have roots in the United States and neither have publicly expressed any regret over leaving England. There was no conflict here.

Markle Buckling Under Pressure

Who announced Markle and Harry were reeling after the release of Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors by Tom Bower. The unauthorized biography was supposedly causing Markle anxiety. “It appears to cover all the rumors of [Markle’s] ruthless social climbing and allegations she manipulated Harry into marriage,” an insider claimed. The Sussexes were “furious and unsure where to go from here,” a source revealed.

Markle and Harry treated this book as they do any other bombshell royal tell-all: They ignored it. Bower came under fire for misquoting one of his subjects, which cast substantial doubts on the veracity of the book. The two simply stayed quiet and the moment passed.

Desperate For Cash

Per the Globe, Markle and Harry needed money bad. The pair were apparently left humiliated at the Platinum Jubilee by Prince William and Kate Middleton, leaving doubts over the long-term financial viability of their royal titles. A source said, “Eventually Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte would become the new, interesting characters.”

Ask yourself this: Did the existence of Harry and William stop Prince Andrew from earning headlines? Is Princess Anne an obscure figure? Royal generations intermingle without one set of royals suddenly getting thrust into obscurity. As we’ve pointed out too many times to count, Markle and Harry are very well off and never need to worry about money again.


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