Scott Bakula’s Life as a Father and Grandfather

Bakula and wife are enjoying another chapter in life with their first grandchild

scott bakula's life as a father and grandfather

After years of gracing screens and being a part of so many people’s lives, fans want to know more about Bakula’s personal life.

At age 68, he takes work-life balance very seriously. Growing up in the ’80s, Scott Bakula knows that constant work takes a toll on his family.

Therefore, the actor prioritized adding clauses to his contract that allowed him to stay home with his family. When he was filming “Star Trek: Enterprise” in 2001, he saidI made a contract to be ready by 6 o’clock every Wednesday so that I could go home for dinner.

Bakula wanted to spend time coaching his son’s football and baseball teams. The actor has two children from his first marriage to Krista Neiman – Chelsy Bakula and Cody Bakula.

His daughter, Chelsy, also appeared in an episode of “Quantum Leap”; however, his children eventually kept out of the spotlight.

However, Bakula and Neumann divorced in 1995, and in 1999 he met his wife, Field. The couple also have two children, Will and Owen Bakula. Now, Field and Bakula are enjoying another phase of life with their first grandchild.

Field loves sharing beautiful photos of her grandson and loves seeing her husband, son and grandson all together.

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