Screenwriter's fault: Gibbs' personal edge that was drastically removed from "NCIS"


While "NCIS" focuses on high-risk police investigations, the writers have made it a point to capture various personal facets of the legendary agents over the long seasons. We have been able to witness the romantic tension between the various team members in several occasions, which has been well received by fans of the fiction. Although we all know Leroy Gibbs for his undisputed leadership ability, the writers tried to explore some personal qualities of the character in the first seasons, which unfortunately vanished in the second episode.

Mark Harmon joined NCIS in 2003.

In the first season of Donald Bellisario's fiction, the "NCIS" leader flirted with Agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander), and all indications were that the two would embark on a romantic relationship. The tension between the two was palpable, and on several occasions, they both starred in several playful scenes that drove the audience crazy. At the beginning of season two, Caitlin starts spending more time with Tony, and engage in playful banter. This all comes to a tragic end when Kate is killed in the second season finale, "Twilight," leaving fans' questions about either of Kate's potential pairings unanswered.

In a Reddit post, user firstclasscaptain pondered the relationship between Kate and Gibbs, stating, "Ok so I'm relatively new to ncis and this sub so I'm not sure if someone already posted ab it. BUT in s1 there were many points where I was like whaaatt? It almost seemed like they were trying to put them together or Gibbs is just a playful guy. . ."

Caitlin Todd's character disappeared at the end of the second season.

As it became known later, the first two seasons of "NCIS" were almost a test to analyze possibilities and find the right paths for each character. As Gibbs evolved into a leader, the writers decided there was no room for romance in their ranks.

"NCIS" Season 18 began airing on November 17, 2020.

The idea of a relationship between Gibbs and one of his subordinates likely became a bit too complicated, which is possibly why later relationships, such as Gibbs' ill-fated romance with Director Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly) or Lt. Col. Hollis Mann (Susanna Thompson), became the standard for Gibbs.

The guarantee that secures the future of "NCIS"

Following months of speculation that Mark Harmon would be leaving his role as Leroy Gibbs on "NCIS," CBS executives announced that no new seasons would be produced without Mark. Of course, the actor immediately decided to keep his role in the story, which he had played for over two decades.

Although Harmon will appear in the upcoming episodes, he will no longer play a central role, and his appearances will be sporadic, as he prepares to bid farewell to the most important role of his acting career.

  1. Muriel Guenther says:

    We love the roll Gibbs played He made the show what it was we all as fans want him back I bony don’t enjoy watching it with out him in it He kept the show going go all these years There are a lot of fans that want him back You leaving him in Alaska made us all so sad With out him you lost a lot of fan that helped the show keep got The fans will come back if you bring him back We all as fans want him back in the show Beside you should have gave Tim his job not Alden Parker we don’t enjoy him in that role Please get Gibbs back we love the show with him in it

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