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SEAL Team plot hole: Fans fume over Mexican Marines and Seal Team alliance

SEAL TEAM fans have noticed a major plot hole from season two which exposed major flaws with the team’s alliance with the Mexican marines.

SEAL Team plot hole: Fans fume over Mexican Marines and Seal Team alliance
SEAL Team: fans fumed after spotting equipment plot hole (Image: CBS )

Paramount Plus’ military drama follows the lives of Navy SEALs travelling the world to tackle dangerous and life-threatening missions. Season two took the SEAL Team to Mexico and their alliance with the country’s marines highlighted a major plot hole for viewers.

In season two, the Bravo Team were tasked with taking down Mexico’s most powerful and lethal drug cartels.

Once the team were deployed, their main focus was to hunt down cartel leader Andres Doza (played by Yul Vazquez) who was also responsible for the death of a D.E.A agent.

In order to make it possible the team formed an alliance and conducted a joint operation with the Mexican marines.

However, one observant viewer noticed a huge plot hole with the discussion the teams were having about which equipment to use and took to Reddit to expose it.

SEAL Team: Bravo Team formed an alliance with the Mexican marines (Image: CBS)

User Pierceedgar001 wrote: “The Seal team and the Mexican marines are discussing an HVT snatch and grab

“One of the team asks about using an ISR drone, and the suggestion is shot down with the comment that it would stick out in the city,” they explained.

The viewer stated: “First of all military drones can fly at 9000m/9km/30,000ft so that statement is false.

“A chopper is suggested, as the mission progresses one of the team members in the TOC says ‘we’re tracking the target on ISR now’ – this all happens between 22:00 and 26:00,” the user concluded.

SEAL Team: Bravo Team went to Mexico to take down a lethal cartel (Image: CBS)
SEAL Team: Bravo Team freed a number of civilians being held hostage (Image: CBS)

During the discussions with Mexican Marine leader Colonel Martinez (Felix Solis), Bravo leader Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) suggested they shouldn’t target the high-value target.

This decision came when his team came across a group of kidnapped civilians in the cartel safe house.

After discovering whereabouts in the slums one of Doza’s men was hanging out, Jason and Colonel clashed about their approach.

Jason wanted to go straight in with full force, where Colonel wanted to take a slower approach and go under the radar.

However, one of Colonel’s men, Mexican marine Lieutenant Lopez, refused to go ahead with the mission because he was formerly from the slums where they were headed.

When Jason challenged his loyalties, he was angered and eventually showed up in full gear ready to go in after Jason’s approach was agreed upon.

Sadly the soldier was identified by the high-value target and had a price put on his head during the aftermath of the operation.

By the end of the mission, the kidnapped civilians were rescued and 10 Mexican gang members were killed.

Another fan disagreed with the exposed plot hole and commented on the Reddit thread: ”this isn’t that hard to rationalise if you think about it a little.

“They got a helicopter for their ISR asset instead of a fixed-wing drone. An ISR helo is a helluva lot more low profile in the urban airspace than a fixed-wing drone, “ they added.

Wulfgar57 added their input and wrote: “There’s a number of logistics or logical inconsistencies. Most people never catch it, not paying attention to that level of detail.”

These technical plot-holes would be ignored by most fans, however, the viewers with military experience are able to easily identify them.

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