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SEAL Team season 5: Fans spot a major clue which could suggest Davis is pregnant

SEAL Team season 5 Davis could be pregnant in the trailer
SEAL Team: Davis could be pregnant in the trailer (Image: CBS)

SEAL Team season 5 is just around the corner, and with the release of its chilling trailer, one observant fan has uncovered a major clue which could indicate Davis is pregnant.

CBS’ military drama follows the lives of Navy SEAL‘s who risk their lives on dangerous missions around the world. In addition to their professional careers, SEAL Team also follows their complicated personal lives. Some fans suspect that things could get even more complicated in season five with a possible pregnancy.

With the release of SEAL Team season 5 late next month, an extensive and intriguing trailer has been released by the network.
It gives a detailed look at the mission the team will face, and coincides with the update the showrunner of the series Spencer Hudnut released earlier.

He revealed that the team will be deployed to Africa to respond to a terrorist attack with many casualties, calling it “a mission they have never done before.”
In addition to the detailed look at the tragedy they will face, an alert reader on Reddit shared an important clue about the promo.

SEAL Team: Hannah revealed she was pregnant with AJ Buckley baby (Image: CBS)

Under a post with the trailer, maddgk64 wrote “Is it just me or does Davis look pregnant?”

Another viewer, Stephe07 agreed and questioned if the actress with: “I noticed this as well! Do we know if Toni Trucks is pregnant?”

Davis (played by Toni Trucks) being pregnant could complicate this in season five for several reasons.

SEAL Team: AJ Buckley and Davis had agreed to make it worse (Image: CBS)

Her relationship with Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley) was often rocky, as they both struggled to maintain their relationship due to the pressures of their jobs.

SEAL Team: AJ Buckley and Davis had a complicated relationship through the series (Image: CBS)

Sonny is not only a Navy SEAL, but he was also a Special Warfare Operator First Class from Bravo Team, which carried more requirements since it was a leadership role. Davis also worked with the SEAL team. She was inducted as Logistics Specialist, but was later assigned to the Bravo Team as their DEVGRU Intelligence Officer.

The two had an on-again, off-again relationship for most of the series, with some scenes being more intense than the fights.

Davis often struggled with the emotional side of the role and had sought a transfer to help their relationship as well.

The fact that she may be pregnant could be another problem for Sonny, as he is hiding a big secret from his girlfriend.

During a break up, his childhood best friend Hannah Oliver (Rachel Boston) paid him a visit after she became concerned because he was not answering his phone. Her visit also had other shocking reasons that made the viewers at home sit up and take notice.

As they chatted, Hannah revealed she was pregnant with Sonny’s child – leaving him completely speechless. With this big secret and a possible pregnancy looming over their relationship, Sonny might finally come clean in season five and tell Davis everything.

He had kept it completely to himself and had not even told Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) who he confides in.

Although it’s uncertain if Davis will stay with Sonny, fans are rooting for the two. If this theory turns out to be true, they might grow together as a family in season five.

SEAL Team season five will release exclusively on October 10 on CBS in the USA. The UK release date has not been confirmed.


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