SEAL Team season 6: Blackburn star teases major ‘change’ to Bravo Team

SEAL Team season 6 Blackburn star teases major ‘change’ to Bravo Team

CBS’s action-packed drama has seen a new lease of life since moving to its new home on Paramount+ last year. Now, fans just have a week to wait before Bravo returns for more high-stakes missions in SEAL Team season six, although there have since been some worrying premonitions from the main cast.

SEAL Team cast tease the upcoming sixth series.

The sixth season of SEAL Team could feature some major changes to the line-up when Bravo returns this Sunday.

Paramount+’s successful military drama is set to return after Master Chief Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) and his team’s disastrous mission in Mali.

In this year’s gripping season five finale, the team were ambushed by armed hostiles and one of their vehicles was taken out.

Several soldiers, including Jason himself and his close friend Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot), could suffer serious injuries forcing them to drop out of the squad.

SEAL Team: Judd Lormand left the main cast in season four (Image: CBS/Paramount)

In a new behind-the-scenes video, lead star David confirmed the upcoming season would be “tempestuous”.

“You know, I’ve used that word before, but this is really gonna be a tempestuous ride this season,” he added.

More cast members appeared in the new clip to give their summation of the 10 episodes coming up over the next few weeks.

Neil Brown Jr teased season six would be “scary”, and Justin Melnick thinks it’s “chilling”.

SEAL Team: Judd teased some major changes for Blackburn and Bravo
SEAL Team: Judd teased some major changes for Blackburn and Bravo (Image: CBS/Paramount)
SEAL Team: Has Jason recovered from his disastrous mission in Mali?
SEAL Team: Has Jason recovered from his disastrous mission in Mali? (Image: CBS/Paramount)

They’ll both be back as Ray Perry and Brock Reynolds, respectively, but could their teasers be a sign one or more of them won’t make it out of the next season alive?

Lisa Davies star Toni Trucks said: “I would say intense.”

Her co-star Judd Lormand, who portrays Eric Blackburn, agreed, and Toni offered an alternative: “Gnarly!”

Judd then cut in: “Change! Change,” and Toni speculated: “Oh, change.”

Toni’s co-star doubled down and added: “There’s gonna be some changes, you know?”

Judd’s presence already indicates a major change for the series, as he hasn’t been part of the main cast since the fourth season.

Plus, SEAL Team’s sixth outing already has one major change confirmed in the form of at least one new character joining the team.

Season six newcomer Raffi Barsoumian said: “Intense! So exciting.”

“I mean, I’m new so it’s all very just, like, fast-paced, intense, a lot of action.”

Raffi was announced to be joining the cast earlier this year, though fans still aren’t sure how his character Omar Hamza will slot into the drama.

However, his latest comments seem to confirm he has already thrown himself headfirst into the action during production this year.

Meanwhile, a more seasoned member of the Bravo Team, AJ Buckley, kept his tease for the next outing much more succinct.

“One word for season six?” he mused, before adding: “F**k.”

SEAL Team season 6 premieres Sunday, September 18 on Paramount+.

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