SEAL Team’s Max Thieriot opens up on Clay’s ‘physical struggle'

SEAL Team Max Thieriot opens up on Clay physical struggle

CBS and Paramount+’s smash-hit military drama returned for its sixth season last month, and the events of the previous instalment have completely rocked Jason Hayes (played by Jason Boreanaz) and the Bravo Team. With his brand new drama, Fire Country, also starting up this month, SEAL Team star Max Thieriot has teased his character’s immense challenges still to come over the weeks ahead.

Main cast member Max has opened up about the physical challenges Clay will continue to endure in the sixth season of SEAL Team and beyond.

Following a terrifying ambush in the fifth season finale, Clay’s leg is amputated, leaving him grounded and isolated from the rest of the team.

He may no longer be part of the team’s high-stakes missions any time soon, but his recovery will still form a key part of the drama going forward.

“[Clay’s journey will be] a huge emotional and physical struggle,” Max confirmed.

SEAL Team: Clay Spenser is coming to terms with his new life
SEAL Team: Clay Spenser is coming to terms with his new life (Image: Paramount)

“We go through a major lows and highs as well that, I think, ultimately we get to a place where we’re back and we’re out of that.”

Despite his SEAL Team injury, Max is still heading into action on a weekly basis with his new firefighter drama Fire Country.

In the brand new drama, which is already pulling major numbers for CBS, he stars as young convict Bode Donovan who’s desperate to shorten his prison sentence.

After signing up for a prison release firefighting programme in Northern California, he and his colleagues realise they may have bitten off more than they can chew when they face down the state’s infamous wildfires.

Both episodes have pulled in over five million viewers so far, so the first season of Fire Country has already proven to be a big success for the network.

Upon signing up to the new drama, Max admitted Clay’s dea*th might have been on the table for the end of season five.

However, the actor has somehow found a way to juggle main roles in two massive CBS series which are both hoped to continue for the foreseeable future.

SEAL Team continues Sundays on Paramount Network in the US. A UK release date is yet to be announced.


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