‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Says ‘F-ck Off’ To His Kids and Wants Janelle To Choose Him Over Her Children

sister wives kody brown wants janelle to choose him over her children

During the December 11 episode of Sister WivesChristine Brown settles into her new life in Utah, the remaining wives and Kody have another explosive conversation at Robyn’s house. Also, Janelle Brown feels Kody Brown is making her choose between him and her kids, and they reach a breaking point.


Sister Wives: Kody Wants To Address Issues

And then there were four…the episode begins with the remaining Brown wives and Kody gathered for a meeting at Meri Brown’s house to talk about Janelle’s construction plans for her Coyote Pass. This is the first time they’ve got together since Christine left the family and moved to Utah.

The discussion begins with Meri questioning if the lot assignments on Coyote Pass will remain the same, now that Christine has exited the family, and given up her parcel of the land. Kody informs Meri that, he still wants five lots, so essentially, Christine’s portion will go to him (and Robyn). Janelle is eager to build her house but Kody is not budging on his stance of paying off the land first. 

Kody Brown

Robyn Brown finds the whole discussion weird since they all haven’t spoken since Christine moved. She thinks as a family, they’ve been sweeping issues under the rug (for years), and Christine leaving has been “a wake up call.” Robyn feels they gloss over their feelings and need to communicate more.

Janelle, on the other hand, believes there’s nothing left to discuss and doesn’t want this meeting to dissolve into another Christine bashing fest.

Janelle Brown

Kody brings up the one house drama from 2018, which Christine was the most vocal about not wanting to live under roof. Janelle asks if the one-house idea is still on the table, to which, Robyn shoots down and explains that after all the drama over their strict COVID rules — she wants no parts of living in one house.

Robyn’s stance is that COVID revealed the issues within the family and, if so, the problems needs to be addressed before they can move forward.

Then Robyn claims Christine leaving put her in a “dark” place.

In a talking head confessional, Janelle reveals how Kody plays divide and conquer behind the scenes among the wives by repeating complaints voiced about one wife to another.

Kody then goes into a long spiel about the wives not really wanting the lifestyle (plural marriage), that he’s worked so hard to create, in the wake of Christine’s exit from the family.

Sister Wives: Meri Feels Disregarded

Meri becomes irritated by this, because she desperately wants to work on the marriage, but Kody doesn’t want a relationship with her. Meri points out that Kody claims he’s heartbroken over Christine’s decision, but still refuses to work on their relationship.

“It’s interesting hearing him talking about this and the parallels that (are) happening with him and Christine and me and him,” she says in a confessional spot. “It’s kind of disturbing because some of the things that he’s frustrated about with Christine, he did to me. He wants to work on it with Christine but not me.”

Meri Brown

Robyn interjects, “If people are just tired of trying and they don’t want to work it out, then I need to know.”

Meri speaks to Robyn directly and reiterates her position. She says, “Robyn, I think that you and I have had enough conversations about this that you know exactly where I am. And I am still here because I’m still trying. Six years later, I’m still here. Ten years, 15, 20 years later, I’m still here. It’s what I want.”

Meri’s referring to the messy catfish scandal, which played out in 2015Meri’s online romance with a faux beau ultimately damaged her relationship with Kody beyond repair. 

Meri reacts to Robyn’s lack of enthusiasm, “Like I’m here, Robyn, I’m here. And there’s silence,” she says in a talking head confessional.

Robyn explains to the cameras, “I love that Meri is saying that she wants to work stuff out as a family. But I’m purposely just not saying anything because I don’t want it to intimidate Kody and Janelle and make them feel like they have to conform so that we can really get to the bottom of maybe some issues.”

A bored Kody weighs in on the discussion and makes it clear that he doesn’t want Meri’s support.

“I’m exhausted. Like, who cares? If you’re not with me, you’re against me. Eff off, you know? I’m just like that way,” he says in a talking head confessional. “Ironically, Meri’s trying to support me and I don’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore.”

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Kids Are Not Welcome

Robyn asks Janelle to share her thoughts and she directly addresses Kody.

“I do think you, Kody, focus like you’re like, ’Oh my God, nobody wanted to be together.’ And to be honest with you, I really don’t know if I wanna do the work,” Janelle says. “It basically feels like I’m being forced to choose between my children and this group. I don’t feel like my children are welcome.”

Meri Brown

Janelle says Kody said Garrison and Gabe can’t come for Christmas without apologizing to Robyn.

Janelle then says, it’s not only Gabe and Garrison, that don’t want to be around Kody for the holidays.

Robyn acts confused and claims she had no idea that all of Janelle’s kids have issues with Kody, but Janelle’s not buying Robyn’s bewildered act.

Robyn Brown

Janelle is over all the nonsense, and feels there has been a shift in the family — in a talking head confessional she says things aren’t the same.

Kody compliments Robyn for being the only “good communicator,” in the family.

Sister Wives: Robyn’s Concerned About Kody

Robyn is fearful over Kody’s mental state following his split from Christine, and breaks down in tears.

“It’s hard to be a plural wife when your husband has a wife leaving him,” Robyn says. “Most men in monogamy, they go do stupid stuff, and they date whoever. And they’re angry and they’re pissed. And [think that] women suck.”

Robyn Brown

Robyn is emotional as she describes how Kody has changed since his breakup with his third wife. 

“He’s dealing with that while he’s married. And I’ve told him several times, I feel like he’s lining up all women and I’m there too,” she explains, referring to Kody’s first wife, Meri, and second wife, Janelle.

Robyn adds, “And he’s shooting us all down because Christine is a woman. And he’s angry and he’s hurt.”

Kody explains how roles between men and women differ within plural marriage in a confessional interview.

“I think women bear a different burden in plural marriage than men do,” Kody tells cameras. “I’ve seen men leave plural marriage feeling live [with] five, six wives never feeling like they’ve been loved.”

“Plural marriage isn’t all beer and Skittles. It’s not for a man,” Kody quips in a confessional. “There’s a different burden — I don’t want to sit here and mansplain to you. It’s just obvious that it’s difficult. ‘You’re going to share your husband? Why would you do that?’”

Kody Brown

Janelle’s disinterested in working on the broken family’s relationships. She says she needs to leave to pick up her daughter but before she leaves, she shows them her architectural drawings for the house she wants to build on Coyote Pass.

“We were going down a road where we really were on the verge of a critical conversation. And now we’re looking at plans and getting all happy,” Kody points out. “I think that was a mistake. We should’ve finished the crucial conversation. We’re just gonna ignore it. That’s just what’s going to happen.”

Sister Wives: Christine Loves Utah

A few weeks have passed since Christine’s move to Utah and she’s all settled in, and loving her new home. She gets to visit her parents and daughter, Mykelti, on a regular basis and is hosting a BBQ at her house. However, Christine, dreads visiting Flagstaff because of all the negative energy there.

Christine reflects on her explosive sit-down with Kody and her former sister wives before she moved. In that discussion, she told Robyn that she needs a break from a relationship with her. Somehow that was misconstrued to include Robyn’s kids, which is not what Christine meant. However, the damage is done, and she doesn’t know how to fix it without repairing her relationship with Robyn first, which won’t happen anytime soon.

Sister Wives: Kody Accuses Janelle of Pitting Him Against Their

Kody and the wives gather again for another family meeting at Robyn’s house to discuss plans for the holidays.

Janelle announces that she’s going to Maddie’s house in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. But she’ll be in Flagstaff for Christmas, because her kids are coming to Arizona for that holiday. She informs them that the boys will rent an Airbnb while in Flagstaff since they’re not welcomed at Kody and Robyn’s house. Robyn raises both eyebrows in amazement. 

Sister Wives

Kody becomes irritated and says, “I never said my kids are not welcome. I completely reversed that, I said all we gotta do is be able to have conversations so we’re not sitting here in our house like a bunch of alcoholics that had a fight last night and forgot it happened.”

Kody says he’s not being stubborn, he just wants conversation. He grows increasingly agitated when he learns everyone (except Maddie) is coming to Flagstaff for Christmas and he wasn’t informed prior. 

Sister Wives

Then Kody blames Janelle for his strained relationship with their sons, Gabe and Garrison.

“I think sometimes that Janelle has pit me against the boys, or never supported me with the boys,” Kody says in a talking head confessional. 

“I’m having the hardest time, not just feeling like she’s just betraying me,” Kody continued in a confessional. “I’m not saying that they have to actually apologize to me, and I corrected that many times already. It’s almost like that’s what she’s told them so she can’t back off on it because they’re trying to put the heat onto me for what’s been going on here.”

Sister Wives: Kody Feels Janelle’s Culpable

Then Janelle informs Kody that after Christmas, Christine wants to bring her daughters, Ysabel and Truely to Flagstaff for the winter holidays, so she extended the Airbnb reservation so they can use the accommodations.

Sister Wives

This news sets Kody off, as he views this as betrayal.

Kody, it was just working out that we had a vacation rental so we extended it so Christine and her kids could come so Truely and Ysabel could see you,” Janelle says.

“This is exactly what I was afraid of with Christine leaving,” he tells Janelle. He then proceeds to call Christine’s plan of having their children stay in a neutral place a ”betrayal” to him, adding, “This is my house” and asking for Robyn and Meri to chime in.

“So, now he’s looking for reinforcement with Robyn and Meri [sic],” Janelle said during a confessional. “’Let’s build a united front against Janelle and her decisions.’”

Sister Wives

Janelle says she would never leave her kids alone to go spend Christmas with Kody and RobynKody keeps reiterating that he does not want the boys to apologize to Robyn before they can spend the holidays together. And orders Janelle to stop communicating on his behalf to his children.

Kody totally backpedals and says that he will no longer require his sons to apologize for comments they made about his and wife Robyn’s COVID restrictions.

“I’m not saying they have to actually apologize to me, and I corrected that many times already and she keeps hitting that note,” he shares. “It’s almost like that’s what she told them so she can’t back off on it because they are trying to put the heat onto me for what’s been going on here.”

Sister Wives

Kody believes that Janelle is “culpable for not having any respect for me about the COVID rules” he previously put in place to keep the family safe. But his strict guidelines wound up causing division amongst the family, including with the couple’s sons.

“Kody, you are asking me to choose between my children and you,” says Janelle.

Sister Wives: Kody Attacks Janelle 

Kody then claims that Janelle “belittled” what he was trying to accomplish. And as he attempts to drive his point further, he stands from his seat and raises his voice to say: “I’m mad as hell because everybody put this sh-t on me!!!”

“When I finally get sick from COVID, that was a dea-th-like experience,” Kody yells. “I realize that you just can’t run from it by now. I was just trying to protect my family.”

Sister Wives

A frustrated Kody says: “I can’t believe I’ve done all this to save you! To save Truely! To save my children.”

“I was trying to protect [my kids] and I got criticism from you and from my boys. The worst criticism. Zero respect,” Kody shouts. “You guys wonder why I’m mad? I’ve gone 18 months being persecuted by my own family for trying to protect them. My heart is broken. Christine left because of this.”

Sister Wives

Janelle feels the couple, “see it very differently.” She then reiterates it’s not her “fault,” even though Kody may think otherwise.

Kody, I was doing what I could,” she says. “I was walking a line between my adult children and you and everybody else. I was following all the CDC guidelines.”

In a confessional, Janelle says she doesn’t feel she needs to “defend” her actions to Kody.

“This is the same ole argument. I don’t need to be beaten into submission, made to kowtow. I’m just not. I just don’t need this,” she says.

“In the last 18 months, I’ve realized that I’m pretty good. I’m independent, and I’m not going to stand here and be yelled at,” she adds. “I just don’t need it. I don’t deserve it and I don’t need it.”

Sister Wives

After Kody goes off on her, Janelle gets up to leave, then Kody and Robyn ask her to come back. Kody apologizes for his outburst. . a hesitant Janelle comes back and Kody apologizes.

Robyn tries to cool tensions asking if there is a way they can fix this. 

Meri chimes in to say a lot of people in the family have put the blame on Robyn throughout the years and she’s seen it.

The episode ends with Kody saying he’s heartbroken over the fractured relationship with his kids. He admits that he has his own daddy issues and has passed that onto his sons. Kody says he thought he was making huge sacrifices for them. Then he questions if the family had moved to Utah (last season when Christine wanted the whole family to move to Utah) would the family still be together. Robyn quickly reminds him that even back then he was saying that plural marriage is flawed. Kody apologizes to Janelle again. 

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10 pm, ET, on TLC.

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