The Cast Of ‘Heartland’ Season 15 Ranked By Net Worth

The Cast Of 'Heartland' Season 15 Ranked By Net Worth

Heartland is a Canadian tv series that is currently available on Netflix. The series, which aired in 2007 on the Canadian television network CBC, is based on the book of the same name and showcases good ol’ ranching life in the beautiful Canadian province of Alberta. The “down home” series features an array of stellar Canadian talent. Talent that has managed to earn themselves a heft some over the course of their respective careers.

But, who among them has the largest bank account? Who among these talented Canuck thespians has bills to buy those thrills? The green to make a scene? The paper to… I think you get it. The show is lucky enough to not be one of the many movies and TV shows set to leave the streaming service. So, the cast of Heartland can continue to rake in the moolah on the steady. Who’s raking in the most? Funny, you should ask. Let’s find out.

Alisha Newton ($800 Thousand)

Alisha Newton plays Georgina Morris, the adopted daughter of Peter Morris (played by Gabriel Hogan… we’ll get to him) in the series. Newton has amassed a respectable $800 thousand thus far in her career and shows no sing of slowing down. The Vancouver native is only 20 years old as of this writing and has already appeared in a plethora of films, as well as TV series.

10 Gabriel Hogan ($1 Million)

Gabriel Hogan is a native of Toronto and has been putting in the work for on the small screen for quite some time. Portraying Peter Morris on Heartland, Hogan has generated a net worth of a cool million over the course of his distinguished career. On top of his role on Heartland, Hogan has appeared on series such as Teen Wolf, Warehouse 13, Lady Dynamite, and The Best Years.

9. Kerry James ($1.5 Million)

Portraying Caleb O’Dell and being a member of the cast since 2010, Kerry James is not only an actor but also a producer. The British Columbian native has amassed a nice little chuck of change for himself. With $1.5 million resting in the bank, James is undoubtedly sitting pretty. James has appeared in TV series, as well as films, since 2007. Those films include The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, Aliens In America and Stargate Universe.

8. Michelle Morgan ($2 Million)

With $2 million resting comfortably in her bank account, Michelle Morgan is definitely not short on cash. Playing the role of Samantha Morris, the Calgary native can also add producer to her list of credits. The University of Toronto graduate is a women’s rights activate and has appeared in films such as Diary of the Dead and as an android in Stargate Atlantis.

7. Amber Marshall ($2 Million)

Amber Marshall has been a member of the Heartland cast since 2007 and has generated a net worth of $2 million over the years. The London, Ontario native is not only an actor but as singer, as well as an equestrian (seems fitting.)

6. Jessica Steen ($2 Million)

Portraying Lisa Stillman, Jessica Steen has managed to put together a net worth of $2 million. Hailing from Toronto, Steen has appeared in many TV series as well as films. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, Sacred Lies, and Charmed (reboot) are just a few examples of Steen’s work.

5.Graham Wardle ($3 Million)

Graham Wardle plays the part of Tyler “Ty” Borden and has accumulated a net worth of $3 million. An actor, filmmaker and photographer, Wardle has been appearing in film and television since 2013 and his most notable works include Supernatural, Fallen, and The New Addams Family.

4. Chris Potter ($3 Million)

Chris Potter, who rose to fame on the 90s TV series Kung Fu: The Legend continues (not to be confused with the 2021 show with the same name), playing Peter Caine, the son of Kwai Chang Caine, and who was also the voice of the mutant Gambit on the hit X-Men animated series, portrays Tim Fleming. Potter has amassed a net with of $3 million over the course of his career.

  • Fun fact:cThe 90s X-Men animated series is set to be revised on Disney+. Will Potter return to voice Gambit?

3. Nathaniel Arcand ($5 Millions)

Nathaniel Arcand is worth a sweet $5 million. Portraying Scott Cardinal, the Edmonton native’s other high-profile role was that of William MacNeil on the Canadian drama series North of 60, but he has appeared in several TV shows, as well as films.

2. Shaun Johnston ($9 Million)

With a net worth of $9 million, Shaun Johnston is surely not upset when traveling to the bank. Playing the part of Jackson Bartlett, the Alberta native has appeared in many films and TV series such as The X-Files, The Outer Limits, Smallville, and Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed.

1. Jessica Amlee ($15 Million)

The richest Heartland cast member is actualyl no longer on the show. Jessica Amlee portrayed Mallory Wells Anderson before departing. The Vancouver native has amassed a net worth of $15 million during her career. Appearing in such films and TV series as Dark Angel, The Outer Limits, Smallville, and The Twilight Zone, Amlee has built quite a formidable resume for a woman who has yet to see 30 (she’s currently 27.)

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