The protagonists of “Harry Potter” reaction discovering Hogwarts for the first time

Harry Poter

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After its commercial success in all the bookstores, “Harry Potter” got its cinema moment. As with most bestsellers, they eventually end up on the big screen or as a series, and this fiction had all the spices to conquer the box office.

That’s exactly what happened. JK Rowling’s work was first seen on the big screen in 2001, directed by Chris Columbus, who understood how to direct youngsters and a lot, thanks to his work on “My Poor Little Angel (Home Alone).” The director was in charge for the first two films and set the pace for an eight-film saga that was a huge success. In addition, a prequel based on the “Fantastic Animals” books was created as a spin-off.

The last film was released in 2011.

Peter Francis was one of many who contributed to the success of this production. The art director of the first two “Harry Potter” films spoke with Look Who I Found on what it was like to bring this work to the cinema and have it received well by both audiences and critics.

In his talk, Francis spoke about what it was like for the protagonists of “Harry Potter” to enter the world of Hogwarts for the first time. Unlike current productions where much of the action takes place in front of a green screen, this film was based on real locations. “None of them were on the edge of their seats. All the actors were very focused, which was amazing because they were kids,” the art director said.

The one closest to his character

While Peter claimed that all the actors resembled the characters they played, for the art director there was one who stood out: Rupert Grint. The actor was responsible for bringing Ron Weasley, the best friend of Harry Potter, to life, and as Francis recalled, every reaction seen in the film was genuine. Grint went from one exclamation of surprise to the next, culminating when he discovered how the invisible cloak worked.

Only Daniel Radcliffe had any connection to the industry, since his parents were agents.

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