The reason why Christian Bale agreed to be part of "Thor: Love and Thunder"

The Oscar winner had ruled out the possibility of joining a new superhero movie.

Judging by his filmography, you could say that the actor Christian Bale is pretty picky when it comes to choosing the projects he stars in. However, last year he surprised many when he confirmed his participation in "Thor: Love and Thunder", the fourth installment of the God of Thunder in the hands of Marvel Studios.

Beyond his Dark Knight trilogy at the hands of Christopher Nolan, the Oscar winner was never particularly keen on the idea of starring in blockbusters of that magnitude, but in other kinds of projects.

In fact, setting aside his stage as Batman, the only Christian Bale titles that would fit are "Terminator Salvation" and "Exodus." Therefore, when it was announced that he would be playing the villain in the movie starring Chris Hemsworth, social media was revolutionized with this news. But what made him make this decision?

Christian Bale has already finished filming with the fourth installment of Thor.
Christian Bale has already finished filming with the fourth installment of Thor.

According to "We Got This Covered" media, one of his sources confirmed that the main reason he agreed to be part of the project had to do with the director's previous work, Taika Waititi.

While Christian Bale is not known for his comedic talents, Waititi's irreverent style seems to have caught the star's attention. It's worth noting that the New Zealand filmmaker has already won his first Oscar for his work with the screenplay of "Jojo Rabbit" in 2019.

Christian Bale's opinion on superhero cinema

In an interview some time ago, Christian Bale, he stated that he had no interest in appearing in a superhero movie again. "I'm not interested in doing that. I can't remember a single superhero movie I've seen, aside from the ones I've done and the Christopher Reeves movies," he warned before confirming his involvement in Marvel's new thing.

As for "Thor: Love and Thunder," the Taika Waititi film has already completed shooting and will continue post-production in the coming months, with a theatrical release slated for May 2022.

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