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‘Their Bond is Fun and really Unique’, Chicago P.D. Boss – Atwater will have a girlfriend in season 9

Chicago PD Season9 KevinAtwater

Chicago P.D.’s Kevin Atwater is very unlucky so far in love, but a change may be on the way.

The lone romance storyline in the series for the Intelligence detective happened in the Season 6 episode “Black and Blue,” in which he met a completely nice woman named Laila (Milauna Jemai Jackson). Despite a strong attraction, their love affair ended after her deal with the District Attorney fell through and she was sentenced to prison for murder.

P.D. showrunner Rich Eid, confirmed to TVLine that Atwater will have a girlfriend in Season 9 (which premieres on NBC this Wednesday at 10/9c). “He meets a vibrant young woman, and their bond is fun and really unique. It’s a wonderful, much-needed break for Atwater, Eid adds. “It also becomes a safe space for the couple to be themselves. However, as with every relationship on this show, things will be tricky. It’ll be an exciting journey for his character.”

But Not everyone will find their way to love this season. Voight and Miller have a mutual respect despite their different approaches to policing, and that platonic relationship will continue in the episodes to come.

“Voight and Miller have a close relationship, but it isn’t romantic. They have a special understanding of each other,” Eid explains. “They are able to relate on a deeper level because of their work, responsibilities, and sacrifices.”

Last season provided no easy answers for the couple, who couldn’t agree on how to approach police reform. Miller’s attempts to follow the rules during an investigation into a human trafficking network resulted in the murder of her son. Meanwhile, during his investigation into Burgess’ kidnapping, Voight stepped off the books, and that also ended badly: Upton was forced to shoot their major suspect during a scuffle, and Voight burnt the body to hide their tracks.

Eid says, “It puts both of these characters in an interesting spot at the beginning of this season.” “Does the fact that they know this change their principles?” Should it? Miller is also mourning the loss of her son and is in shock. In the premiere, she has a lot on her emotional plate.”

“The events of the season finale revealed how difficult that transition has been for [Voight], — especially when circumstances put him to the test,” the Chicago P.D. chief says. “It’s a matter Voight will have to deal with in the future. How does he fit into 2021? It’s a constant question.”

Season 9 will continue to explore “what it means to be a police officer in 2021,” according to Eid. Intelligence will explore what it means for each member of the team to “find a ‘home’: within work, within relationships, within each other” as it wanders into different Chicago neighborhoods.

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