They Rescue an Elephant about to Fall into a Ditch in India

A nearly two-minute video that went viral on Twitter shows the shocking moment when workers rescue an elephant in danger. The pachyderm, which was trapped in a ditch, was rescued with the help of a machine.

The elephant accidentally fell into a ditch and struggled getting out of there because it was too muddy. The animal's paw slipped as he tried to escape. Then the forest workers used a JCB backhoe machine to push the elephant gently and was finally able to get out.

After the rescue, the workers applauded and celebrated, but they also threw a firecracker near the machine and the elephant.


Although some users were annoyed by what they did, the Indian Forest Service officer explained that they did so that the animal would go into the forest and not attack anyone because of the stress.

In general, social network users congratulated them for the kind gesture towards the elephant.

Via: India Today

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