Tiger caught on the loose in Houston neighborhood finally captured

tiger houston loose caught

Authorities eventually caught the Bengal tiger they had been looking for for a week, after it was spotted wandering through a Houston neighborhood.

After nearly a week searching for a lost tiger, they’ve found it on the streets of Houston, Texas neighborhood.

They located the missing tiger on the streets of Houston, Texas after nearly a week of searching.

The animal was transferred to an animal shelter, where it will receive the appropriate care.

The concern is, what was a tiger doing in the neighborhood? He escaped from one of the homes where he was kept as a pet. He simply leapt over the house’s fence and fled.

The tiger had been spotted in the neighborhood for a week. Neighbors shared a video to social networks where the kitty was seen strolling down the street, then a man appeared and took him away in a truck. So the cops went looking for the man, and when they caught him, the tiger was nowhere to be seen.

It’s forbidden to own a tiger in Houston. As a result, the police charged this man, Victor Cuevas, with felony escaping police. The man, however, confirmed that he does not own the tiger. Cuevas’ attorney stated that he was occasionally one of the caregivers.

Finally, the tiger was spotted again, and this time it was captured and taken to a shelter.

It is unknown how many other exotic animals live illegally in private houses.

Source: Abc News

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