Want to live like the Dutton Family? You can stay at the ranch where the show is filmed


If you’re a fan of the show “Yellowstone,” chances are you’ve had some curiosity about where John, Beth, Rip and Casey hang their hats for the night.

Good news, it's Montana!

Early seasons elements of the show were filmed outside the Treasure State, but the bulk of the ranch shooting takes place in Montana at Chief Joseph Ranch in the Bitterroot Valley.

Paramount/VIACOM CBS has put significant effort in the last two seasons when filming the show, to do so in Montana, using locations in Montana and people from Montana as extras.

Some elements are easily recognizable, street views of downtown Bozeman, The Lark Hotel, and their signature yellow coffee mug was seen in season two, street views of Helena, the capitol building, and government offices.

But the property many people have their eyes on is the Dutton family ranch, “Chief Joseph Ranch,” and the big question is, can you stay there?

Kind of…. the answer is definitely yes.. but they are booked for all of 2021 and they are not taking bookings for 2022.

Their website reads:

“We are now fully booked for 2021.

The Paramount filming schedule for 2022 is not available at this time. Please continue to visit our website for updates and scheduling information.

Thank you for watching the series and we look forward to making a reservation with you!”

You can follow this link for bookings.

How much will it cost to live the Dutton dream? Right now Chief Joseph Ranch lists cabins from $1200-$1500 a night.

This article originally ran on montanarightnow.com.

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