Grey's Anatomy: This is the real nurse who's always been hidden in the cast

Although probably the most loyal fans of Gray's Anatomy know her, the vast majority are unaware that for more than fifteen years one of the cast members is a
medical professional who participates in open heart operations in real life.

Bokhee is considered a pillar for the cast of Grey's Anatomy
Bokhee is considered a pillar for the Grey's Anatomy cast

In real life Bokhee An is an instrument nurse who works in Los Angeles city as an assistant specializing in open-heart operations, while earning extra money combining her important work with screen appearances in the operating room scenes at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle.

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While it makes sense in a production of Grey's anatomy quality and fame, its producer Shonda Rhimes has a whole team of medical advisors for the cases covered in the drama, the presence of the surgical nurse in the operations scenes is very curious, although she rarely has a line in the series her face has become very familiar.

The truth is that, although she goes unnoticed, Bokhee is a mainstay for the cast and the rest of the production equipment. Among her participations, she stands out when she insisted that Jimmy Evans (James Remar) undergo a bypass operated by Shane (Gaius Charles). Other times she only gestures or rolls her eyes at risque comments and was present at Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) operation that Cristina (Sandra Oh) performed after the season 6 shooting.

“The nurse in this scene, Bokhee, is a real OR nurse. She has been with us since the beginning. She’s like my second mother, she’s the best, ”actress Sandra Oh once tweeted when referring to Bokhee An.

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