Why Meghan Markle Wasn't With the Queen When She Died


While her spokesperson had announced that she was accompanying Prince Harry to the sovereign's bedside, the former actress was absent.

Yet another story that threatens to damage Meghan Markle’s reputation with a part of the population. While she was announced by her own spokesperson as accompanying her husband, Prince Harry, to the bedside of Queen Elizabeth II, this Thursday in Balmoral in Scotland, the Duchess of Sussex actually stayed in England.

This miscommunication is likely to fuel all the rumors around the tensions between Prince Harry, his father, now King Charles III, and his wife, Meghan Markle. Especially since, for their part, the Cambridges had made it known, from the beginning, that Kate Middleton would stay with her children, who had just returned to school.

Privileged relation
Because if the Sussexes had declared to have a privileged relationship with Elisabeth II (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had chosen the name of their daughter, Lilibet, in tribute to the monarch), the relationship is far from being as serene with the rest of the Royal family.

Princes Harry and William have not spoken to each other for several months. According to sources close to King Charles, the latter would have been very affected by his son's decision to leave his royal duties. Moreover, Harry and Meghan's multiple statements in the media since last year about Buckingham Palace have not helped anything, on the contrary. Especially since their comments to blame Prince Harry's family continued until this week, while Meghan Markle is in full promo for the launch of her podcast Archetypes. An interview with the former Suits star with The Cut in late August reignited tensions.

A source close to Buckingham told Entertainment Tonight that "the royal family is disappointed by Meghan Markle's latest comments in The Cut magazine and on her podcast Archetypes. She is distressed by the fact that after taking a step back from the royal family – citing a need for privacy – she continues to publicize family matters in public."
Was she prohibited from accompanying her husband to the bedside of her grandmother??

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