Will Gibbs return in NCIS Season 20? (Is Mark Harmon coming back?)

mark harmon ncis season 20

Mark Harmon decided to only come back in a limited capacity in NCIS Season 19. Will we see Gibbs return to the team in NCIS Season 20?

After 18 seasons, Mark Harmon decided that it was time to step back as Gibbs in NCIS. This could have been the end of the series, but the writers found a way to keep it going. While Gibbs is certainly important and beloved, there are some other excellent characters in the ensemble cast. It also helped that Gary Cole’s Alden Parker was very different to Gibbs to help bring a slight change of pace to the series.

As we get ready for NCIS Season 20, we look at whether we could see Gibbs again. Will Harmon return to the series, especially since he is still involved behind the scenes as an executive producer?

The door is open for Gibbs in NCIS Season 20

There is a little bit of good news, but it still isn’t the news that fans would love to hear. The door is open for Gibbs to come back. One of the great things about Harmon’s exit is that it was on friendly terms. If he wants to return as the character, he can.

However, this was Harmon’s decision to leave. It wasn’t the show making a creative decision to get rid of its lead male. So, it would be Harmon’s decision to return.

There needs to be the story for that to happen in NCIS Season 20. Of course, there are ways to write that in. We’ve seen characters return with the right story, including Ziva’s return being one of the most recent. Gibbs wasn’t killed off; he’s just decided to live a simpler life in Alaska. So, we can hope that he will return, but don’t rely on it happening for now.

NCIS Season 20 premieres on Monday, Sept. 19 at 9/8c on CBS. Catch up the following day on Paramount+.

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