Will Mark Harmon return? NCIS' hints to star's departure and possible return

The long-running police procedural hasn't been the same

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NCIS fans were thrown for a loop when series lead Mark Harmon aka Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs announced his departure from the show in season 19, especially as we build up to another major crossover event.

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The episode featured Sean Murray's character Timothy McGee reviving the storyline of his long-running hobby as a writer.

He made a reference to the central character of his story, Agent Tibbs, clearly based off his boss, mentioning also that Gibbs was currently in Alaska.

Jessica Knight, played by Katrina Law, got her first introduction to the joke, quipping: "Your lead character's name is Special Agent Tibbs?"

Special Agent Gibbs was referenced on the show's latest episode

Timothy responded: "Gibbs and Tibbs are wildly different people," before also adding: "Novel's going great, I'm just having some trouble getting started."

However, Sean made another final reference to the fate of Harmon's Gibbs by saying: "LJ Tibbs is retired, remember? So I have a new main character I think fans will love just as much as I do."

"@SeanHMurray just [made] a reference back to Gibbs/McGee goodbye scene ‘Great Wide Open’ still hits my heart," one fan commented.

mark harmon on ncis

Another said: "I know that feeling McGee. We all still miss Gibbs," while a third also said: "Delilah knows that her husband is frustrated since Gibbs stayed in Alaska. #NCIS." While he hasn't made a comeback since then, hope still lives among the fandom.

The series' Fall finale aired on 5 December and went on break for the month, having returned to screens in the new year on 2 January, 2023 and will air its epic crossover episode.

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