Yellowstone: Beth Dutton Finally Goes Too Far + 21 Burning Questions - Season 5, Ep. 1 + 2

Yellowstone Season 5, episodes 1 and 2 brought tragedy and controversy. Has Beth Dutton gone too far?

Breaking down the season premiere of Yellowstone, including deep dive into Kayce and Monica's tragedy,

John Dutton's role as governor, Beth and Jamie's poisonous relationship and if the Duttons stand poised to lose the Yellowstone ranch.

Thanks for watching! How do you feel about how Beth is treating Jamie? Share below and be respectful of those who don't agree. 🙏

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  1. Ronni Fauci says:

    I think the tense relationship between Jamie and Beth adds to the Yellowstone experience. I want to see it continue!

  2. Patricia Tribble says:

    I think she is the worst. She can't blame Jamie for what she asked him to do, she should have gone to Rip. He would have married her.

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