‘Yellowstone’ Fans Got Emotional About John Dutton’s Speech During Episode 4

kevin costner as john dutton

Yellowstone” episode 4 brought emotions to a breaking point for both characters and fans tuning in, especially the moment when John Dutton shares his family tragedy with Monica. After the traditional funeral for John IV, which John Dutton attends to show his support for his son and daughter-in-law, he approaches Monica while she’s sitting at her baby’s graveside.


“I’ll tell you something I’ve never told anybody,” said John.

“I had a brother for about eighteen hours. His name was Peter. He was born early, and his little heart wasn’t strong enough.”

John went on to share the story with Monica, of how “they just gave him back to my mother […] Years later, I was grown and Lee had just been born. Both my parents are looking at him, taking turns holding him. And my father got white as a ghost, looked at my mother and said, ‘Peter lived a perfect life. All he saw of this planet was you and all he knew was you loved him.'”

The moment that had everyone crying was when John Dutton turned the story back to the present situation. He said, “That boy lived a perfect life, Monica. We’re the only ones who know it was brief. All he knew was you and that you loved him.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Overwhelmed With Emotions During Funeral Scene

Fans everywhere took to social media to share their overwhelming emotions at that scene. “’That boy lived a perfect life…’ now I’m crying! I love John Dutton!” wrote one fan, quoting the speech.

Another wrote, “Whoever wrote the scene for Costner at the gravesite in tonight’s ‘Yellowstone’ episode should win a damn Emmy.” IMDb lists the writers for the episode as Taylor Sheridan–who we already know writes everything–and John Linson, who was an executive producer on “Yellowstone,” “1883,” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

“I cried for real during this scene. So sad. Beautifully acted though. Very touching,” wrote a fan in response to the official “YellowstoneTwitter page.

Why This Scene is a Huge Gesture from John Dutton to Monica

Why is this scene so important, and why did it have such an impact on viewers? It’s crucial for Monica and John Dutton’s relationship as father and daughter-in-law, first of all. Monica has never really approved of Kayce’s family, and a lot of it comes down to her heritage as an Indigenous woman living on the Broken Rock Reservation. The Duttons and the Broken Rock Tribe have often been at odds, and Monica is pulled in two different directions–she’s often stuck between her husband and her identity.

But this scene proved that John Dutton does care about Monica and that she does have an ally in him. They are family, and naming their son after him is already a huge gesture. But what John says to Monica at the gravesite solidifies the fact that she can, if not trust him completely, then at least confide in him during this difficult time.

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