‘Yellowstone’ ominous future: Kelsey Asbille promises trouble for the Dutton ladies

Members of the Yellowstone cast flank Kevin Costner, who wields a shovel

Our favorite cowboy drama reruns to gear up for season five. The two-hour television event kicks off on Nov. 13 — we’re less than a month away from the debut of the next chapter for the Duttons.

Today, in Taylor Sheridan’s realm, a new teaser trailer was released, and we received word from Kelsey Asbille about trouble brewing for the Dutton ladies in the upcoming episodes. The Dutton ladies and trouble in the same sentence is always a good time, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds. So, grab your favorite drink, and let’s take a ride in!


Yellowstone releases a new teaser trailer

ellowstone released a new teaser trailer for season five today, and it’s as emotional as they come. With John Dutton feeling the weight of his new role as Governor of Montana, he’s got the world on his shoulders. He’s riding a fine line between letting it slow him down and powering through with more confidence than ever. Of course, he will come out swinging, but the teaser promises that we will see a more emotional side of Dutton than ever before.

Fans hear him question his wife’s thoughts as she looks down on her family from the great beyond, saying that the way he’s lived his life must break her heart. There’s a scene with Beth comforting her dad, mixed in with a few peeks at other Dutton favorites, but the focus of the teaser is on our patriarch, the man who has the most to lose.

Will the sacrifices in season five be the ones that break the family, or will they rise from the ashes with more power than ever before? Only time will tell, which means you certainly don’t want to miss a second of the upcoming episodes.

Kelsey Asbille says trouble is on the menu

In a chat on the red carpet for CMT’s Artist of the Year Awards, Kelsey Asbille revealed that the Dutton ladies will be facing problems in the upcoming season. Asbille was there to honor her co-star, Lainey Wilson, for her award during the ceremony. As fans are anxiously anticipating, Wilson is making her Yellowstone debut in the fifth season, and we can’t wait to see it.

So why does Asbille say that fans should expect trouble when the series returns? Well, a scene in the official season five trailer showcases Beth in a bar brawl, which apparently takes place during a girl’s night out.

“It’s actually all of the women of Yellowstone together in one scene. It was really fun. We get into some trouble.”

We are crossing our fingers that everyone associated with the Dutton family can come together in the next season, and we sure hope it leads to lots of ladies’ night outs and card nights for the bunkhouse crew.

Yellowstone Rewind: Season 2, Episode 1

Season 2 of Yellowstone kicked off with an important episode called “The Thundering,” setting a new tone for the family. With Kayce back on the ranch, Monica is torn between healing and teaching, and Jamie deals with a hint of regret for selling family secrets; there’s a lot on the line in the first episode.

John, as always, is ready to light the world on fire to protect his family, and it pains him deeply that he has to protect them from one another. They should be standing up against their enemies together, not questioning if one of them is ready to ruin the other. The curse of the Dutton family is that the picture-perfect image is just a dream; sadly, it’s also the thing John wants the most.

We see a new cowboy assigned to work at the ranch, and he quickly wonders if this is the place for him to settle down, sensing that something happens within the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch that he’s never experienced before. That very idea is correct. Working with the Duttons is unlike any otherworldly experience, but it’s also a one-way ticket to protection, safety, and status that exists nowhere else.

There’s also a life-or-death moment for John Dutton in the episode, where we’re sure that an ailment he’s tried to keep secret (colon cancer) will kill him. Fans end up realizing that he’s got a ruptured ulcer — not cancer, but his reaction isn’t what you might expect.

“So much to undo… I’ve got so much to undo,” John says, realizing that he’s been living with an expiration date in mind — and it’s no longer right around the corner.

You can now watch the first episode of season two (and all other Yellowstone episodes) streaming on Peacock.

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