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‘Yellowstone’ Reveals Huge Show News With a Suspenseful Kevin Costner Instagram Video

How did we miss this before?!


With Yellowstone season 5 still months away, fans can rewatch the Western drama even if they don’t have a streaming service.

On June 16, Yellowstone’s official Instagram excitedly announced that the entire hit series is now available for fans to watch right at home. “Don’t miss a moment of TV’s no. 1 show,” a voice said in the Instagram video. “Watch every Yellowstone episode from the beginning. Own Yellowstone the first four seasons collection on DVD and Blue-ray.”

That’s right, viewers can watch the Kevin Costner-led show without a subscription or commercials with the DVD sets. What’s more, the four different DVD sets are touted to have “more than 12 hours of bonus content.”

Reacting to this news, Yellowstone fans expressed a mix of emotions in the Instagram comments section.

On one hand, some revealed that they’re currently catching up on episodes. “Working my way through all four seasons of @yellowstone on Blu Ray at this very moment 😉 🥃,” one person wrote. On the other hand, some seemed confused. “DVD??? What is it…1883?? 😂,” a different fan said, cleverly referencing Yellowstone’s prequel show.

All that said, there was a collective feeling that this Instagram video only made fans even more excited for the upcoming fifth installment. “BEST show on TV!!!! Cannot wait for Season 5, counting down the days! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉,” a follower commented. “Watched 1-4 in about 4-5 days! It’s amazing!!! Can’t wait for season 5!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” another added.

DVDs can be popped into a game console — like an Xbox and PS5 — if you don’t have a dedicated player. Amazon also has a collector’s DVD edition! But if you’d rather stick to an online version, Yellowstone is exclusively available to stream on Peacock (not Paramount+). Alternatively, iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play or Vudu have episodes to rent or buy.

So many options and plenty of time to watch!



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