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Yellowstone season 4: Will Paramount broadcast new episodes after season 3 marathon?

Yellowstone season 4 Paramount
Yellowstone season 4: Will Paramount air new episodes after season 3 marathon? (Image: Paramount Network)

YELLOWSTONE season 4 is rapidly approaching but as Paramount airs a marathon of season three this weekend, could fans be treated to any new episodes?

Yellowstone has gained a large audience since it aired on Paramount Network in 2018, and after three seasons, a fourth is scheduled to be aired very soon. In light of the airing of the new episodes, the network has decided to allow fans to catch up on the drama by rebroadcasting the entire third season. However, this has sparked a debate on whether any new episodes or at least a teaser would be released early. Here is everything you need to know about the weekend event.

Will fresh episodes of Yellowstone broadcast following the season 3 marathon on Paramount?

In recent months, Paramount has treated fans to marathons of all the episodes that have already aired over the past three years. One of the most recent was Labour Day weekend earlier this month, when the drama’s catalogue of three seasons played out, airing one episode after another.

That has kept fans’ hunger for season four at bay, and it’s only a few weeks until the new season begins on Nov. 7.

It’s been over a year since viewers have been able to see an all-new episode of the hit Western drama on their screens. This was due to a delay in filming because of the coronavirus pandemic, but you may get a taste when the network repeats more classic episodes in the coming days.

Yellowstone season 3 episodes will be shown in a marathon event (Image: Paramount Network)

Marathons are usually incorporated into the schedule during a holiday, such as Labour Day or Independence Day.

Therefore, the running of the third season this weekend is unique in that it is not associated with a national event. Instead, it is being used to get fans in the mood for season four, which airs in six weeks. The reason the classic episodes keep airing is because the ratings are so good.

By allowing viewers to see the new episodes later in the year, Paramount has the opportunity to get higher ratings in the fall. Although no new episodes will air this time around, the hype surrounding this weekend’s marathon may be related to the release of new footage from season four.

Yellowstone season 4 details are being kept under wraps (Image: Paramount Network)

The show’s official Twitter account posted a clip of footage from the Western drama, along with a caption that reads, “Sunday plans = made. Watch all of #YellowstoneTV season three on Sunday at 12pm Eastern Time, only on @ParamountNet.” (sic)

This is not an official announcement confirming that there will be a new trailer for season four, but it definitely suggests that something might be in the pipeline.

Currently, there are a few trailers for the upcoming episodes, but it seems that bosses are keeping mum about spoilers.

Fans are excited as Samatha wrote in reply, “I can never get tired of marathons. I am eagerly waiting for season 4. Come on November!”.

“I have watched seasons one, two and three more than four times since season three ended. Bring on season four,” Rick added.

Cathy commented on the social media platform, “The days feel like weeks waiting for this amazing show to come back into my life.”

It is yet to be confirmed if this will be the last marathon to air on the network before the new season begins.

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