Yellowstone, the volcano that could end humanity

Yellowstone, the volcano that could wipe out humanity

The Yellowstone volcano in the US is one of the largest in the world and could bring an end to all humanity, a fact that NASA is considering cooling down. It is every 600,000 years that the Yellowstone caldera erupts and forms large calderas and craters many miles across. It is believed that the next eruption could annihilate all humankind.

NASA seeks to prevent catastrophe

According to NASA, the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano is one of the greatest natural threats to mankind and its next eruption frightens specialists in the field. Its caldera is about 85 kilometers long and 45 wide with a large magma chamber that could precipitate the end of mankind if it bursts.

In order to avoid the disaster, NASA is investigating the possibility of cooling the Yellowstone supervisor with significant amounts of water.. Over the course of 2019, 77 earthquakes were detected in the region.

A world famine

For the UN, this would be the beginning of a volcanic winter and lead to world famine, leaving only enough food to last for two and a half months.

When does a volcanic eruption occur?

A volcanic eruption occurs when the magma reaches the Earth's surface due to the partial melting of the rocks many miles deep. As the heat in the volcano rises, the melting of the magma accelerates and the gases that have been released cause the beginning of the explosive phase.

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