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Yellowstone’s Gil Birmingham opens up about the realities of Kayce Dutton’s vision quest

YELLOWSTONE’s Gil Birmingham disclosed the reality of the traditional vision quest Kayce Dutton went on in season four.

Yellowstone Rainwater and Kayce Dutton
Yellowstone: Rainwater star opened up about the realities of Kayce's vision quest (Image: Paramount Network)

Paramount Network’s highly acclaimed western drama Yellowstone recently aired its jaw-dropping season four finale. Thomas Rainwater star Gil Birmingham opened up about the traditional practice of the vision quest and revealed its realities to Kayce Dutton’s (Luke Grimes) experience.

In season four, viewers watched as Kayce began having a number of mysterious wolf sightings.

While it wasn’t unusual to see wolves and bears around Yellowstone’s Dutton ranch, there was a common theme of Kayce’s sightings.

This occurred in the eighth episode titled ‘No Kindness for the Coward,’ when he spotted a wolf while sitting on his porch and then shortly after his wife Monica (Kelsey Asbille) told him she was pregnant.

Kayce was able to learn its deeper meaning in the following episode after a conversation with Rain Thomaswater and Mo (Mo Brings Plenty).

Yellowstone: Gil Birmingham explained traditional Native American ceremonies
(Image: Paramount Network)

Rainwater explained wolves and humans shared similar traits as they evolved together, even though they often tried to destroy each other.

However, the explanation was confusing for Kayce because every time he saw a wolf, something good happened, which led him to believe that the wolf was watching over him.

By the end of the episode, he decided to undertake a Native American tradition and go on a vision quest to gain a better understanding of the sightings.

As some Native American tribes believed wolves could travel between the human and spiritual worlds.

Yellowstone: Kayce spoke to Rainwater and Mo about his mysterious sightings
(Image: Paramount Network)
Yellowstone: Kayce Dutton went on a vision quest for clarity (Image: Paramount Network)

During an interview with Deadline, actor Gil Birmingham was asked about the realities of Vision Quests.

He responded: “Haŋblečeya is a very real thing and we were very respectful and specific about the way it was portrayed.

“The way we incorporated some of the native ceremonies, the Inipi with the sweat and Haŋblečeya vision quest.

“Those are real things and they’re healing things and they speak to the culture in a way of healing and I think that’s what Taylor [Sheridan] intended to incorporate in the storyline.”

Gil continued: “It’s something for all people, that’s essentially the principle by which I think Thomas Rainwater operates from.

“It’s the base and integrity of the ancestors, how we stand on their shoulders, the traditions and ceremonies that have gone through centuries and it’s effective.

“It’s basically the essence of all human beings, that’s what the Haŋblečeya does, it reveals to you the purpose for your being,” the actor concluded.

This is what viewers saw happen for Kayce after Thomas and Mo pointed him to a cliff where he had to survive without food and water for clarity.

During this time, Kayce saw a number of visions including him cheating on his wife, his deceased brother before a nightmare which triggered his memories as a Navy SEAL.

As the quest continued, he received a promising vision of a wolf who appeared as a woman.

She led him to a cliff, where she gave him the choice of two paths to choose from, which gave him his spiritual awakening and he finally understood his purpose in life.

Thankfully, viewers will be able to see how the vision quest will affect Kayce as Yellowstone was renewed for a fifth season.

Yellowstone seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Paramount Network.

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