Chicago P.D.: Why Denny Woods is considered the most hated villain on the show

Chicago P.D. Denny Woods most hated villain on the show

The Chicago P.D. police drama returns to fans' screens on September 22 with the series' ninth season, and will have to tie up many loose ends left unresolved after the end of the last episode, which aired on the NBC network in late May.

Hank Voight y Denny Woods en Chicago P.D.

Over the years, fans have enjoyed fascinating crossovers with other franchises such as Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. Drama characters such as Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and his team are also occasionally seen on screen in crossover storylines with iconic Law & Order SVU, such as Capt. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

Since its premiere on January 8, 2014, the police action series "Chicago P.D." has added countless villains to its plot. Some are more perverse than others, but since it's a crime drama, it's common for these types of characters to pop up and develop their stories, which in most cases reflect real life.

The Chicago P.D Intelligence Unit is led by Hank Voight a tough police sergeant who isn't afraid to break the rules when it comes to catching bad guys, using his unorthodox methods to get the information he wants. Many villains have fallen into the hands of the Chicago P.D. team, such as Carl Grissom or Robert Haywood, but there's one who is described as the most hated of them all.

Fans of the NBC series should remember Denny Woods (Mykelti Williamson), who first appeared in the fourth season of Chicago P.D. as Voight's former partner, and that he had all sorts of crimes on his hands and should have been brought to justice. But why is he the most hated of them all?

According to the specialized website onechicagocenter, there are numerous reasons why it deserves to be labeled as the most hated in the entire history of the series. But mostly for what he did to Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) by putting him in prison at the end of season 5, where he was painfully stabbed to death.

Denny Woods is rated the worst villain in all of Chicago P.D.

The show didn’t only have him avoid any kind of repercussions, but it let him be promoted. He returned as a Lieutenant talking about police reform, and then just went on a one-man crusade against Voight.

Woods deserved hate not only for what he did to Olinsky and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), who he turned into a mole but because he was an example of wasted potential and plot twists that didn’t quite make sense. The idea of a cop who was busted for wrongdoing, learned from it, and became a reform advocate had potential; that didn’t happen. A reform storyline could have been great; instead, it became about Woods’ obsession with his ex-partner.

So much more could have been done with the incredible talent of Mykelti Williamson. The show has cast great actors as Voight’s former partners in him and Mark Dacascos, but in Woods’ case, the character got increasingly over the top and left a ton of wreckage in his wake.

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