‘NCIS’ David McCallum celebrates 55th Anniversary with Wife he can Dance with ‘For Hours’

McCallum and Carpenter met the same year he divorced from Ireland.

David McCallum celebrates 55th Anniversary with Wife he can Dance For Hours
David McCallum and Katherine Carpenter | Source: Getty Images -

David McCallum and his wife celebrate 55 years of happy marriage, which is truly amazing, especially in Hollywood. However, McCallum was married 10 years before meeting Carpenter.

McCallum lost his first wife, Jill Ireland, to a co-star. Charles Brosnan fell in love with Ireland and began a romance that ruined McCallum and Ireland’s marriage. Brosnan and Ireland remained together until Ireland’s death.

Jill Ireland and David McCallum smiling following their wedding at a registry office in London, May 13th 1957 | Source: Getty Images

When asked how he felt about the situation, McCallum said he’s not angry at Brosnan for taking Ireland from him, and was glad they’d found love in each other. He also found his happiness forever.

McCallum and Carpenter met the same year he divorced from Ireland. The couple fell in love instantly, and soon after they first met, they began dating. Later on, the couple got married.

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Inside The Couple’s Wedding Anniversaries

McCallum is typically silent about his family on social media, but he does post lots of photos of Carpenter and himself with Carpenter. These posts are usually accompanied by a touching caption.

Actor David McCallum (L) and his wife Katherine Carpenter attend the closing ceremony of the 2009 Monte Carlo Television Festival at Grimaldi in Monte Carlo, Monaco on June 10th , 2009 | Source: Getty Images

One such photo, posted by McCallum, was on the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. They partied in style, with Carpenter wearing a floor-length white dress and McCallum wore a black and white suit with a matching black bow tie.

The couple were surrounded by a band, and McCallum captioned the photo with the caption explaining that he thought it was a lovely way to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Earlier, McCallum revealed that he and his wife had dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

David McCallum leaving Heathrow Airport for New York with his wife Katherine Carpenter
Actor David McCallum, one of the stars of the TV show ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ leaving Heathrow Airport for New York with his wife Katherine Carpenter, 18th January 1968 | Source: Getty Images

Two days before the band photo was released, McCallum shared a photo of himself, Carpenter and another woman on Facebook. The trio were dressed nicely and appeared to be sitting in a restaurant.

The Couple’s Marriage Might Be Considered Unusual

Some fans find their relationship strange, but McCallum and Carpenter are still very much in love. McCallum and Carpenter spent 10 months a year apart for 13 years.

However, the couple noted how easy it was for them to stay apart:

“We’ve been apart 10 months of the year for the past 13 years… We’re in touch all the time, and there’s all these holidays in America, like Thanksgiving, when we are together. And the cellphones.

When asked about the motive, they loved each other so much for so many years, McCallum shared that the secret to their happiness was knowing what the other person wanted, and making sure they got it. He continued:

“My wife, at this point, would like to become two people – one that would be here in California and one there in New York, and we both feel that way. We’re reaching the point after 13 years that we should probably think about getting together.”

While the couple enjoyed their busy careers and all the travel they had to make to be together, as they got older, they reduced their responsibilities and focused more on family.

McCallum is the grandfather of eight grandchildren of Ireland and Carpenter’s children. At the height of his career, he didn’t spend much time with family, but now that he’s older and his job is quieter, he’s able to spend time with his grandchildren.

Speaking of his grandchildren, McCallum confessed that he doesn’t like being called grandpa; he admits:

“They call me grand-daddy. We don’t like grandpa because it sounds old – and I’m not old. And some of them have the cheek to call me grand-ducky.”

Although he doesn’t love the nicknames they gave him, he loves spending time with his wife, children, and all of his grandchildren as he celebrates a life full of adventure and success with his wife of 55 years.

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