NCIS: Why did fans reject the romance of Agent Gibbs and Jenny Shepard?


Despite the different rules we've seen from the NCIS agent and team leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs, fans have dismissed the ongoing romance between the agent and Jenny Shepard. But why is that?

The popular CBS show, NCIS, has been showcasing distinct romances between characters on the show in almost every season. But, why fans were always dismissive that of Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly).

NCIS: Why did the fans reject Agent Gibbs and Jenny Shepard’s romance?

Remember that Jenny Sherpard, the head of NCIS, was an outstanding agent who was always laser-focused on her work, but before she became the boss, she and Gibbs were key players on the show.

Fans weren't interested in seeing them reminisce about the past and strengthen their love for their differences and the little time they had together when she became their boss.

Gibbs' backstory and the circumstances behind the deaths of his first wife and daughter were gradually exposed in the early seasons of the show. All of his previous relationships had ended in tragedy.

So it was evident that the NCIS agent and leader Jenny Shepard was not interested in appearing twice on this list. In addition to fan disagreement about this relationship.

While they seemed interested in each other on screen, fans watching their interactions were generally unhappy with what they saw, which the NCIS creators took into consideration.

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