Text about Baby goes to wrong number, Man visits anyway

Text about Baby goes to wrong number, Man visits anyway
After texting mix-up, strangers come to visit couple with newborn

A Georgia couple welcomed a baby boy last week. Shortly after the baby was born the family texted friends to share the happy news.

An excited friend then sent the text to other friends, and one wrong number.

But, unlike most people who ignore texts from a stranger this man decided to reply.

And even visited the happy new parents in the hospital bringing them gifts.

Mistaken identity: The error occurred after Teresa, Mark's mother, accidentally texted Dennis inviting him to visit Mark and Lindsey, pictured with baby Cason Knox, after he was born in hospital on Saturday

The reason it happened was my cousin had a new phone and I guess those boys ended up with her old number.'

Father and son: Mark, pictured with his newborn son Cason Knox, said they were confused when people they did not know arrived at the hospital
Happy: But once they understood the mistake, Mark, pictured above with Lindsey, said they were touched by their visit and gifts
Pre-birth: Lindsey and Mark, pictured above before Cason Knox was born, said they appreciated the kindness from strangers 

"They were so sweet and kind to do this!” the photo's caption read in part. “You 2 are great guys and thank you for giving to someone you didn't know! … If we all only had this kind of heart."

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